Team Composition

Each team has a product owner, iteration manager, developers, testers, experience designers and supported by coaches covering all disciplines from ThoughtWorks.

About the Coaches

Your ThoughtWorks coaches have a broad range of expertise from working in agile environments as project managers, business analysts, experience designers, quality analysts, iteration managers and developers.

The coaches purpose is to facilitate, support, share knowledge and feedback to help you gain experience in a cross-functional, agile team.

Participant Roles

As a participant there are a range of roles available which you can apply for.

Developers (Dev)

Superpower: Programming!

Your primary responsibility will be to write the code to provide the functionality needed in the project. Some of the key topics covered in every LevelUp Build are: test driven development (TDD), continuous integration and pair programming.

As a developer we expect you to be familiar and comfortable with basic programming concepts and comfortable with basic development in at least one language - don’t worry if it’s not the same one we use during the course.


Superpower: Communication!

Your primary responsibility will be to to translate the needs of your customers in to meaningful work for the developers on your team. This will require constant communication and collaboration with your team and stakeholders.

You will have exposure to: user story writing, user story mapping, facilitation, visual communication, stakeholder management, product strategy and prioritisation techniques.


Superpower: Understanding human behaviour!

You'll work closely with the BAs and Devs to help build a shared understanding, design interfaces, graphics, prototype features and carry out user testing.

You don't have to be good at drawing or an expert in PhotoShop or Sketch, there's so much more to being an XD.