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Please let us know what sort of computer you will be bringing.
Developers will require Github accounts. If you don't have one now is a good time to sign-up, don't worry they're completely free! Sign up for an account at
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May we have your permission to use photos featuring you in future promotional material for LevelUp and ThoughtWorks?
We will provide food at each session. Pizza is an inevitability but we'll try and do our best to mix things up from week to week. Please let us know if you have any food allergies, preferences or strong dislikes (e.g. gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc).
Availability *
Please check the schedule and make sure that you will be available for all of the sessions and on time. Please be reminded that you were specially chosen among many other applicants who were unsuccessful. We know that things might come up over the course of 6 weeks, but skipping sessions is disrespectful to your teammates and means extra work for them to complete. See schedule here:

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