Guest Blogger Luke Mico: The Halfway Mark


In the lead up to LevelUp Build, the Sydney LevelUp team ran a Guest Blog competition. 
Luke Mico is the winner! Read on for Lukes's blog post about his Level Up experience. 

We have reached the mid-point of LevelUp! The past few weeks have been a hive of activity. Participants have been assigned into their respective groups, three in total: Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter; each are up and running smoothly. 

Our groups have had some invaluable industry exposure whilst working on their projects. We have learnt extensively on agile methodology, developing user stories, environment setup, pair programming, testing and continuous integration. 

Now, down to business, my team, Jupiter, has been tasked with producing an app. Specifically, an app for a smart watch to assist both elderly people living at home, and the health carers that visit them on a regular basis in their home.   

During our weekly sessions, we have been lucky enough to have presentations by guest speakers across various business functions in the broader ThoughtWorks team.  I found the talk from the Experience Designers,  Shiraz and Meaghan particularly interesting. I gained an understanding of how their roles fit into the bigger picture, as well as how developers (e.g. me) can work more efficiently together to produce better outcomes for users.

We also had a presentation by Will from People and Culture which covered how to land a job in the industry. This session was of particular value to my teammates and I, and will be invaluable in moving forward with our own careers!  

On a project level, each team has been structured with a Product Owner, Business Analyst, Experience Designer and Developers. Each week, we have been paired with either a team member or a trainer from the ThoughtWorks team to break down the project tasks. This has been beneficial to understand what each team member is working on and how to work better together. Each session ends with a team retrospective to reflect on our wins, pain points, questions and action items for the future.  

From here, we move into the final weeks of the program and prepare for our showcase. It has been challenging at times, however, the journey is shaping up to be well worth it and I'm excited to see the final outcome of what each team has created. 

LevelUp Build Sydney will be taking place over the next 6 weeks. Luke will be blogging about his experience here!