Guest Blog: Meet Loretta!

In the lead up to LevelUp EXP, the Sydney LevelUp team ran a Guest Blog competition. 
Loretta Cain is the winner! Read on for Loretta's pre-event blog post that effectively captures what the day is all about.

Hi! I’m Loretta, and I’m a student at General Assembly Sydney.

Before General Assembly I had no prior coding experience. I’ve spent the last 10 years working in customer services and talking to people for a living. After feeling extremely lost career wise I decided to jump ship and take a big leap into the world of web development. 

LevelUp EXP at ThoughtWorks is exciting because we get a chance to explore what working in a creative development environment will be like. Although I’m not fresh out of college and I do have years of work experience, I do not have any experience in a developer’s environment. So having industry professionals give us an insider’s look into current practices and procedures will allow us to feel more prepared walking into a job interview and into our first day of work. 

Not only that, but we’ll get to meet other students who are also just starting out. Having the chance to meet people and make friendships who are new to the same industry as you are is a really unique opportunity. 

The programme for the day will go through areas that I’ve never worked with before liked Hardware Projects, Kanban, Story Mapping, and Quality Assurance. And a lot of things I have been working with at GA as well like HTML + CSS, Open Source and TDD. I’m really interested to not only learn about new subjects but also hear about some familiar subjects from someone else’s point of view. 

The best part of LevelUp is that we are learning from current professionals who are giving up their time because they want us to succeed. One of the most surprising things for me coming into this industry are the amount of people who want to help you learn. It is really encouraging and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Loretta Cain

LevelUp EXP Sydney takes place on Saturday 30 January. Loretta will be blogging about her experience here - stay tuned!