LevelUp is an educational program that seeks to teach students how agile teams develop software.

It is run by a passionate group of ThoughtWorks volunteers and funded by ThoughtWorks.

LevelUp started back in 2013 in Sydney. The gap between what's possible to learn in typical classroom-based formats and what the workplace actually requires came to the attention of ThoughtWorks presenting at university guest lectures and observations made by the ThoughtWorks graduate recruitment team.

Check out the ThoughtWorks Insights article to learn more about how LevelUp started.

The course offering continues to evolve over time in terms of both content and target audience.

LevelUp is no longer just for university students or recent graduates. Courses are open to anyone who is considering entering the IT industry for the first time.

It's not just for developers either. People interested in interaction design, user experience design, business analysis and product strategy will also benefit from the course material of some LevelUp courses.